Urban Planning & Communications

Urban Planning & Communications

Brook Pooni Associates is a family-owned real estate and communications firm on the forefront of urban planning, land development, and development-related communications.

About Brook Pooni Associates

Brook Pooni Associates is an urban planning consulting firm with 30 years of experience implementing residential, commercial, and public projects in over 30 municipalities across North America. Fundamentally, our role is to help guide development projects through the city’s approvals and permitting processes and to act as a bridge to the surrounding community and the municipality. Our approach is comprehensive with emphasis on strong government and community relationships, effective project management, and engaging communications.

With a highly experienced team of associates and staff, Brook Pooni Associates continues to evolve to serve our clients’ and our communities’ needs. Through our experience guiding more than 600 ventures through all phases of the development process, we view success as something multifaceted. For us, a successful outcome not only accomplishes each project’s unique vision, but also creates lasting positive relationships with the surrounding community along the way.

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