We define success as accomplishing our client’s development objectives while driving positive change in our community.

To achieve this win-win outcome, we take a holistic approach to both development and communications that fuses our technical expertise with (1) our commitment to maintaining exceptional community and government relationships, and (2) our dedication to achieving client goals. Our client-focused service is carefully balanced with our efforts to ensure that any project we undertake enjoys the best possible relationships with the community and governing bodies it serves. We are committed to bringing the unique personality of each and every project to life.

Meaningful Public Engagement.

Engaging stakeholders successfully and seeking community buy-in are two key ingredients of a positive development outcome. We are seasoned and trusted experts in public consultation, and our services include holding formal and informal stakeholder meetings and updates, facilitating public open houses, conducting community outreach through newsletters and flyers, leading grass- roots outreach through local events, and meeting with advisory groups and community leaders.

Reaching a Broad Audience.

A city is more than the sum of its parts. We therefore strive to bring a broad public perspective to urban development, communicating local as well as city-wide impacts and engaging a diverse public. We employ strategies that take advantage of existing popular web and media platforms, connect with a young fresh-thinking population, and encourage those being consulted to think “big picture”.

Crafting an effective message.

We know our clients’ priorities and sensibilities and deliver communication and graphic material that delivers the right message. We create visually impactful material to convey a project-specific message, including display boards, presentations, newsletters and flyers, and material to facilitate grass-roots outreach.

Navigating entitlements.

We are experts in navigating municipal approvals and entitlement processes. Our services include creating strategy, drafting the necessary materials, leading multi-disciplinary teams through complex approvals processes, and handling challenging or complex negotiations.